Sterling Heights is one of the places endorsed by numerous schools. It takes pride in some of its best high schools that offer reliable education. Students are well prepared for the future to come. These are the schools you need to enroll your child to if you are a resident of Sterling Heights. Your child will be in safe hands and will have a chance of learning from the best. You can choose your preferred Sterling heights high school from the following schools:

Adlai Stevenson High School

Located at Dodge Park Road in Sterling Heights, this is one of the best high schools around. First, it has a reasonable rating in terms of offering quality education. The school prepares students well for college.

It gives students a chance to also try their luck in Co-curricular activities. Your child will not only succeed in education but also in sports and related activities. The High School takes pride in its quality academics, emphasis on equity and being located in a conducive environment. Just the right Sterling heights high school for your child.

Henry Ford II High School

Henry Ford Li High School is situated at Clinton River Road in Sterling Heights. This high school has a lot to offer to its students. In terms of Academics, this school is excellent. It equips students with knowledge and skills. Students are well groomed for college education.

This high school puts a lot of emphasis on equity. For that reason, it accepts different students, regardless of their race, ethnicity and family income. Students with disabilities are treated in the best way possible. The learning environment is very conducive. It boasts of a nice neighborhood with committed staff and teachers.

Sterling Heights Senior H.S

This Sterling Heights high school is located at Mile Road in Sterling Heights. It is the best high school you will ever come across in this area. Sterling Heights Senior H.S has a great academics program in place. Students are given much priority.

They are prepared well for college educations. Teachers are always concerned about their progress. The school itself accepts various types of students. For them, every child has a right to education. This is something that the school operates on.

Parkway Christian School

Parkway Christian School operates on Christian values and principles. It is located in Metropolitan Parkway in Sterling Heights. This school works hand in hand with parents so that students can access quality education. Parkway Christian School is committed to offering education that promotes growth and development of students. Students are attended to well in all spheres of their lives. This is one of the best high schools for your child.

Advancepath Academy

This great school is situated at Mile Road in Sterling Heights. Advancepath Academy focuses on the needs of students. The school is committed to getting students into colleges. It equips them with great knowledge, skills, and moral values. The school admits various students regardless of their status.

This is in the spirit of providing education to children. It is found in a serene environment that supports learning. Definitely, your child will enjoy studying there. There are many co-curricular activities to take part in.

Bozymowski Center

Bozymowski Center is located at Eldorado Drive. This is one of the best schools in Sterling Heights. It is equipped with all the needed facilities to make the education of your child successful. This school admits a wide variety of students. It enjoys a good supply of qualified teachers.

This means your child will always be in great hands. Bozymowski has several co-curricular activities, where students take part in different sports. The learning environment is ever conducive. No doubt, this is where your child needs to be.


When it comes to choosing the best Sterling Heights high school for your child, there is a lot to consider. Remember there are several high schools there. There is a chance you might enroll your child to a wrong school.

As a result, it calls for a lot of discretion and wisdom while searching for a high school. Ensure you consider the quality of education, co-curricular activities, teachers experience level, students transition from high school to college and the environment around the school. Your aim should be to find a high school that your child will benefit from. Fortunately, Sterling Heights high schools can provide you with that.

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