Sterling Heights Michigan happens to be one of the most suitable destinations. Credit goes to all the famous tourist attractions, various fun activities, great places to visit, restaurants among many more. Tourists have always thronged into Sterling Heights, to have the best time of their lives. This has led to the growth and development of various forms of businesses. These businesses are determined to attract as many tourists as possible.

One of the most notable business is holiday pizza Sterling Heights Michigan. Sterling Heights has some of the best pizza restaurants and outlets in Michigan. The outlets provide some of the most delicious pizza you will ever come across. They have been prepared with great prowess to ensure you get value for your money. Despite the high number of those pizza outlets, Holiday Pizza Sterling Heights has earned itself a great reputation.

Brief Background

Holiday Pizza Sterling Heights Michigan is located in Cage Cresent Plaza, near 42490 Van Dyke Avenue in Sterling Heights Michigan. This is a family-owned business. It has been in operation for at least 37 years. Holiday Pizza Sterling Heights Michigan has been able to attract a great number of customers. This is due to a number of significant factors. For instance:


Every customer prefers a company that is very consistent in terms of delivering quality products and services. This is what Holiday Pizza has been known for. It is home to the best pasta and pizza. You will obviously enjoy their great variety of pizzas. Definitely, one of the places you need to check in if you want to enjoy some great pizza.

A wide variety of foodstuffs

This restaurant has a lot to offer in terms of foodstuffs. It has a wide variety of options that customers can choose from.

Below are some of the dishes that Happy Pizza menus have;

• Salads
Salads are known for spicing up your favorite dish.However.the salad has to be prepared just in time when you place your order. This is where Happy Pizza excels. It offers fresh salads to its customers.

• Pizza
Definitely, the best dish that Happy Pizza offers. Their pizza is prepared from homemade dough, and very fresh ingredients. The pizza is then cooked in a Brick-Health Deck oven. These means provide great taste.

• Soups
If you need great soup, then look no further. Happy Pizza serves one of the best soups in Michigan. The soups include Seafood Chowder, Minestrone, Chili and Chicken Noodle.

• Pasta
Happy Pizza provides one of the best pasta you will ever come across. The pasta is made from pasta noodles and pasta sauces such as Marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, and meat sauce.

Reasonable prices

Happy Pizza has the intention of reaching as many customers as possible. This is why they are very cautious about the prices they quote for their products. Regardless of the different levels of income, Happy Pizza has been able to put its customers first. That is why they have put in place reasonable prices. You can always call at Happy Pizza Sterling Heights Michigan and place your order. Be sure to get value for your money. It is the best place to be.

Great staff

It goes with no say that the way customers are treated in restaurants does really matter. It might either create a great reputation or end it all the same. Happy Pizza’s staff are not only ready but also willing to serve every customer that comes in. This is why Happy Pizza restaurant has attracted a lot of customers into their realm. Such a convenient environment is where you need to check in and enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will be served in the best way possible. No doubt, you will always feel like coming to Happy Pizza once again.


Holiday Pizza in Sterling Heights Michigan has been able to withstand the test of times in their bid to become one of the best pizza outlets. The restaurant not only offers delicious pizzas but also other foodstuffs. Their menus are full of some of the exceptional dishes that you always desire. It is located in a conducive environment to ensure you have the best pizza experience. Be ready to get treated in a way that befits a loyal customer. You will enjoy every penny you have spent on pizza, soup or salad.

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