Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights 

Sterling Heights is one of the best places to stay in the United States. It is a reputable city found in the great Macomb County. This town became a known city in the year 1968. Since then it has undergone tremendous growth and development.

Sterling Heights relies on various economic activities with agriculture being one of them. The city has a population of at least 127,000 people. It occupies the second spot among the largest suburb found in Metro Detroit. In Michigan,

Sterling Heights is the fourth city in terms of size. Last but not least, this is one of the most secure and safe cities found in Michigan. Definitely, it is a city you will wish to spend your entire life. It has a lot to offer.

Bordering Towns

Sterling Heights MI borders a number of towns and cities. These towns and cities have played a fundamental role in the growth and development of Sterling Heights. The towns include Rochester Hills, Mount Clemens, Roseville, Warren, Clawson, Troy, Fraser among many more. These towns and cities have managed to make Sterling Heights one of the best cities to stay in.


According to the last census, Sterling Heights boasts of a population of at least 127,000 people. This confirms that indeed it is a sizeable city. The city has close to 50,000 households alongside 35,000 families in every square mile.

The housing unit stands at 53,000 housing units. This city is home to African Americans, whites, Asians, Latinos or Hispanic among other races. Whites are the most dominant race in this city.

Most people in this city are married couples. The number of children with 18 years and below is a bit high. Single parent families are also present in this city. Most single-parent families have the mother as the head of the family.

A small percentage is that which involves only a husband and children. All in all, Sterling Heights city embraces diversity. It is packed with various kinds of people and families. All this composition of people has ended up creating a safe city to dwell in. The population of this city is expected to increase going into the future.


Sterling Heights city is home to some of the best Education institution in Michigan. It has schools and other learning institutions that offer valuable education. Some of the reputable high schools located here include Henry Ford II High School, Sterling Heights High School, Stevenson High School among many more.

These schools are located in conducive environments that support learning. The schools take pride in their rich supply of well-trained teachers and staff. This means your child will be in great hands. Not only will the child be equipped with good grades but also good morals.

Communication and Infrastructure

Sterling Heights enjoys great communication and infrastructure facilities. It has great roads that interconnect different places in this city. There are also other major roads that connect Sterling Heights to other towns and cities. These roads include Hayes Road, Dequindre Road, Mound Road,16 Mile Road, and Utica Road. Traveling is never a problem in this city.

Communication has been well taken care of in Sterling Heights. The city has 3 local newspapers which are the Sterling Heights Sentry, Sterling Heights Source and Daily and Sunday. Sterling Heights has 2 local channels.

The first one is SHTV, that deals with community announcements, local programs, and the community’s relations department. The other one gives all Sterling Heights Public Library communications. In that connection, it offers library announcements and educational programs.

Residents of Sterling Heights rarely miss out on any important communication. The communication strategies in place are very reliable.

City Relations

Sterling Heights has rolled out various initiatives with other cities. These cities in question are normally regarded as sister cities. The aim of these relations is to create a productive and lasting relationship among residents of all cities.

These initiatives cover professional, business, municipal, educational and cultural grounds. The sister cities include Jaffna, Shengjin, Sorsogon City, Casino, and Tetovo. Residents of Sterling Heights have really benefitted from those initiatives.


Sterling Heights is one of the most reputable places in the United States. It is very safe and exciting. In Michigan State, this city has a lot to offer in terms of businesses, agricultural produce, fun, education institution, communication, and infrastructure. The city runs various important initiatives meant to benefit its residents.