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  • Do you have a Herniated Disc, Slipped Disc, Bulging Disc or Sciatica?
  • Do you suffer from Neck pain, Shoulder Pain, Headaches or Dizziness (Vertigo)?
  • Do you have back spasms, stiff back, sore back muscles, muscle spasms in the neck, a pinched nerve in the neck, pinched nerve in the back and/ or your back just hurts?
  • Do you have radiation of pain down the legs or arms?
  • Did you see your Family Doctor and are still in pain?
  • Are you tired of taking all those drugs just to feel a little better?
  • Would you like a way out of pain, [Quickly]??

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My name is Kirk E. Hilborn, D.C. and have been a Chiropractor Sterling Heights for over 20 years.

I am an expert at getting you out of pain fast, then I keep you out of pain!

An Adjustment is one of the quickest ways to relieve acute pain. I have one job, that is to get you out of pain as fast as possible and keep you out of pain permanently afterward. I am the you-are-broken-and-I-fix-you-doctor!

Many say they treat people who are in pain, but I do it day-in and day-out. I am strictly referral based. Most of our patients come from Family Physicians AND Pain management offices.

How many others can say that? Not many!

Each patient is a unique individual and requires tailored treatment for their situation. You will not be adjusted within 5 minutes and then you are out the door. I do not subscribe to  “Treat the masses the same – get em’ in and get em’ out fast.

I will spend as much time as you need so I can get you out of pain. If it takes me an hour, I will spend an hour. I have a myriad of tools to help in getting you out of pain including:

Cold Laser therapy, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Spinal Decompression, Activator, Manual Traction, Ice, Heat, Stretching, Trigger point therapy, Intersegmental traction (spine-o-lator), Massage Therapy, Acupressure, etc.

Cold low-level laser

Not every treatment is the same, in fact, treatment could change from day today.

We try not to be excessive in the number of visits. The old adage of “once you go you have to keep going forever” is not part of our philosophy.

I want you out of the office ” bragging to your friends ” how well you feel.

Many of my patients happily refer their whole family and friends because they know I will right by them!

( There is an END to your Chiropractic treatment).

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a permanent injury like a herniated disc, whiplash, severe degeneration of the spine, spinal stenosis, etc. you are going to NEED continual adjustments to keep you feeling well and performing optimally.

But, if you have a non-permanent issue, there is no reason to be seen months on end for that injury. There is wellness care to keep you feeling good, but there is no reason to over treat.

If you are not getting better within the appropriate time allotted, I will send you out to either your Family Physician or a Specialist. 

I am not afraid to send you out to a medical specialist if I believe it is warranted. We co-manage many of our patients. The goal is to get you better, whether it be in-house or through a specialist.

Important: Not everything responds to Chiropractic care and we can’t treat ALL ailments.

If you have been to Chiropractors that seem to treat Everything and do not refer out, you might want to think twice about continuing.

I only provide quality, expert treatment for your condition.

I will never try to sell you vitamins or supplements that you don’t need. In fact, unless you ask I will not bring up any supplements.

Being a previous Biochemist I know a lot about Vitamins and Supplements and can help you find what you are looking for, but I only carry a few in-house.

Sterling Heights Chiropractor

I don’t believe in “plans” either. You will never be sold a high-pressure “Family plan.” 

I also believe in not overcharging for services. Our prices are average.

Note: If you are “shopping” for the lowest price  – Please Skip us! The care and time we provide cannot be compared apples to apples against another. We provide superior care, period!

 Why Choose Me?

1. Never a Contract

2. Specific Expertise and Experience in Pain Care including multiple techniques like Gonstead, Diversified, Cox Flexion-distraction, Activator, Thompson drop, etc.

3. No push to buy Nutrition or Ancillary products.

4. Contact time spent on/ with the patient

5. Multiple modalities to help expedite the healing process including Low-Level Laser Therapy, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Mechanical Traction, Massage Therapy, and Intersegmental Traction.

6. Willingness to refer and Expertise on which Doctor’s to send you to for your condition.

Don’t wait any longer – Get out of Pain NOW: Call the Best in Sterling Heights!

Call Me: (586) 247-0101



Kirk E. Hilborn, D.C., 42950 Schoenherr Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48313, (586) 247-0101


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